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zedxapps tasks

Coordinate tasks with colleagues and external staff

zedxapps cost effective

Cost effect with options to purchase site licences

zedxapps productivity

Significantly improve productivity

zedxapps hosting

Option to host in own Azure subscription.

zedxapps decisions

Improve ability to make critical decisions

zedxapps secure

Keep data secure and GDPR compliant

Fully integrated apps
ZedXApps Corporate Workflows

Corporate Workflows

Create a series of workflows where each workflow serves a dedicated and specific function within the organisation. Tasks within each workflow are arranged as Kanban boards.
ZedXApps Project Portfolios

Project Portfolios

This application helps Portfolio Offices to effectively manage their programme and project portfolios, with project task and resource management and comprehensive reporting and analytics.
ZedXApps Risk Registers

Risk Registers

Comprehensive management of risks and risk mitigating actions across every level of the organisation with comprehensive reporting and analytics.
ZedXApps GIAA Actions

GIAA Actions

Designed to help GIAA staff and staff from audited Departments and Arm's Length Bodies (ALBs) to work together on audit recommendations.
ZedXApps NAO Tracker

NAO Tracker

This application helps NAO and PAC Liaison staff and staff from audited Departments, Agencies and ALBs to work together on report recommendations.
ZedXApps Contingent Labour

Contingent Labour

This application helps Hiring Managers to coordinate the approval of a contract hire with Internal Controls, Finance Partners, HR partners and Budget Holders..
ZedXApps Governance Statements

Governance Statements

Helps the organisations governance team to coordinate the production of statements by the senior management to be included in the overall annual report.
ZedXApps Controls Assurance

Controls and Assurance

Enables the middle management to carry out self-audits online and provide assurances that they understand and are able maintain all necessary controls for the unit that they manage.
ZedXApps Management Actions

Management Actions

This app is a generic app that allows management to create a set of actions to be performed by an individual or any member of a team.
ZedXApps Agile Sprints

Agile Sprints

Agile Sprints provide a cost effective, simple to use app for managing all your Agile projects and provides an online automated stand-ups reporting.
ZedXApps Group Notifications

Group Notifications

Group Notifications allows any user to build a list contacts called a contracts group and share this group with other users for read/write or view only. They can then send emails, SMS and post to these groups.
ZedXApps Information Hub

Information Hub

This application allows organisations to create and search collections of articles grouped by topic.