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ZedX Apps Platform

Fully integrated suite of applications covering essential operational processes with editions for the public and private sectors.

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The ZedX Apps Platform from Swiftpro Corporation

The platform consists of a suite of fully integrated applications within a single platform covering management of internal and external audit recommendations, controls & assurance, contingent labour, corporate workflows, programme & project portfolio management, risk registers, group communications, agile sprints and a centralised knowledge base. Special editions available for Central Governments, Government Bodies & Agencies, local governments, universities, colleges, schools, SMEs, large businesses and corporations.

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The Platform

Single login and single consistent user interface across a comprehensive range of applications with ability to licence individual apps per users or the entire suite for unlimited number of users per organisation.
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The Applications

Every growing lists of applications covering time management, communications and operations, preconfigured per sector with further customisation and configuration possible to suit organisations exact needs.
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The Sectors

Our full range of applications have specific editions for the range of sectors supported with specific attention paid to individual needs of each sector based of different management styles, size and location.
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