The ZedX Apps Platform
The platform provides a single point of access and with a common user interface across a comprehensive and growing ranging of applications to help manage an organisations processes.


The technical stack employed by ZedX Apps is React for the front end and API with SQL Server for the backend.


All ZedX applications are inherently integrated. Additionally, as a service, Swiftpro Digital can provide additional integration with other applications where ZedX Apps are hosted on the customers' servers or Azure subscriptions. This includes integration with Oracle and SAP ERP platforms and with Tribal platforms for Education.

In-site Store

The growing list of applications provided by the platform appear as apps within the internal in-site store which shows only the apps available to the account administrator that are relevant to the account holders vertical sector.


The platform supports single sign-on using Microsoft Entra ID for organisations that are already integrated with Microsoft Entra ID or on registration one can elect to use the ZedX internal ID management system. Users external to an organisation can user their own Entra ID or be provided with a guest login.

The system further provides granular access levels to individual apps or modules within apps.

The platform has support for a full hierarchical permission management system.

Hosting & Licensing

The system supports flexible licensing options to match each organisations specific needs. These include

- Licence the software, support and hosting per application per user.

- Licence the software, support and hosting per application per blocks of 10 or 100 users to reduce the per user cost.

- Licence the software and support per application for unlimited users with own server or Azure subscription.

- Licence unlimited usage of all current and future applications with own server or Azure subscription